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Your Friend, Glen

Meet Glen Patrick Brown, an extraordinary embodiment of generosity, passion, humor and kindness. To Glen, every stranger was a potential kindred spirit waiting to be embraced as a friend.

His life was a tapestry of adventure, talent, and giving. From cycling to tennis, acting to singing, bowling to clarinet playing, and even designing interiors, he fearlessly embraced every passion. Glen adorned the role of a marching band drum major, earned recognition as a Who's Who in Music awardee, and traversed the globe as an intrepid explorer.

Yet, amidst the vibrancy of his existence, Glen faced his own battles. Not only did he triumph over the challenges of AIDS/HIV, but he thrived and chose to give back by volunteering his time for various charities. In 2022, he embarked on a poignant journey, training relentlessly to join 2,000 cyclists on a mission to support AIDS research. Tragically, on the final stretch, a fatal solo bicycle accident cut short his jubilation. Surrounded by the unconditional love he so fervently believed in, Glen took his last breath, leaving an indelible mark on all who knew him.

Glen's guiding principle throughout life was simple but profound: Love above all else. His infectious charm and warmth illuminated every room he entered, accentuated by his theatrical singing, rich laughter, and captivating stories. He had a unique gift of making everyone feel valued, seen, heard, and loved.

As Glen's legacy lives on, he continues to lead us, inspiring positive change and touching lives in ways that transcend time and space.

Welcome, dear friend of Glen, to a community dedicated to spreading love and making the world a brighter, more compassionate place. Together, we carry on Glen's spirit of love and service, uplifting each other and fostering a world where love knows no bounds.

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Hey, PUG!

Ever since we were wee ones, Glen and I called each other PUG.

It all started with a children’s Golden Book, “The Dog Book”.  We thought the PUG face was so cute…we laughed & laughed and made faces like a PUG.  Curling our lower lip downward and extending the “U” to say PUUUUUG! And then & there our endearing nickname was stuck like glue!

“PUUUUG” is how we greeted each other.  It was on every card, the tag of every gift.  It marked all sibling events on our calendars, and was spoken in every voicemail. It was part of every text, and held a place of honor in each other’s contact lists.

My PUG, my bestie, my brother—you’ve had my heart since the day you were born.  The love that you shared so freely with everyone, from longtime friends to those you knew only briefly is now pouring forth for you.


Your light continues to shine as a beacon of hope, leading us to a world where love knows no bounds. 


(Janet McCarthy, sister)

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